HCG Dieting Tips

I Had Helped From My Family

As a successful example of HCG dieting, I had come across many challenging days while I was on the diet, but I never gave up. After I had some problems with my thyroid gland I started to gain weight rapidly and 5 years I was too much overweight. I couldn’t take that anymore and I knew somehow that the HCG diet will help me go through that. With a great help from my family, especially my wife, I was my old self (even better) when I was finished with the diet. During my diet I learned many things how to get more effect from the diet and how to get along with it easily. So, I gathered some of my experience and I have made a list of tips that will help you too.

8 Tips

  1. When I started the Nu Image Medical I read the book of Dr. Simeon, “Pounds and Inches” and I got the basic information I needed for my start.
  2. For this tip I got a big help from my wife, because I need to get all unproved food away from the house before I started the diet. I can get tricked into eating something bad if it isn’t there. My wife got rid of all food I mustn’t eat during the diet, she was just buying for herself daily so that the food wasn’t in the house.
  3. After I started the diet I begin to walk an hour a day, but even if you don’t have much time you can start another exercise. Any exercise will help you with the weight loss. It will make the diet more effective.
  4. Probably some of you are going to do this diet without getting consult with your doctor. If so make sure you don’t have any serious medical problems, if so, then you must talk to him.
  5. Find lotion, toothpaste, deodorant, shampoo and conditioner that are oil free.
  6. Purchase any kind of white fish, extra lean hamburger and boneless, skinless chicken breasts. Measure them for 3.5 oz portions and then put them in baggies in the freezer so you will be prepared to choose what to eat the next day.
  7. Think positive. You must prepare mentally just like for any other diet. You can do anything in that period. Think positively how you will look when you go through with the HCG diet. This really helps. It is a good thing to keep yourself busy with some work, hobby or spend your day with your friends and family, simply said have fun.
  8. Order all you need before you start the diet, be prepared in front. Get the injections in advance and if you want to save more money, try buying a package for a month or two.

Give yourself a go right now. The first week might seems difficult, but don’t give up. Soon, you will start feeling lighter and with that happier. Always stay positive.

Feeling Hungry On HCG Diet Plan

I felt hungry on the HCG diet Plan

When I heard about the HCG diet plan I didn’t think twice, I immediately went to my doctor to get more information about this diet. He told me that it will be a great chance for me, and this will definitely help me to lower my weight. In the past I have tried a couple of diets, but they didn’t help. They were very hard and the results were very slim. When I started the HCG diet, it was great in the beginning. After some time I started to feel hunger and the HCG injection should prevent feeling hunger. I was surprised, how was that possible. So, I went to tell my doctors the results of my diet, so he also started to look for a solution.

Two reasons for feeling hungry in HCG diet

We first looked into the diet plan, because if it is done correctly, I shouldn’t have felt hungry before meals. Not even in the morning or in the end of the day. Because of this together with my doctor looked into the diet plan. Because there are two possibilities why I felt hungry, first one may be my dosage needed modification or the plan required modification.

Actually hunger varies between people; most people that are on the HCG diet plan experience slight hunger before meal time. That is good, the minimal hunger is good, and it will allow you to follow the diet plan successfully. If the hunger is significant, which was in my case, it should be looked into the dosage of HCG injections. So, my doctor gave me a little bit higher dosage for the start to be on the safe side. But that didn’t work. I needed a little bit higher dosage, and the second visit to my doctor helped. I started to lose weight again.

But if your case is not the dosage then you will need to adjust the food list. Try removing some food and adding another with similar nutrition. This will help you see what food is making you hungry.

It has been 1 year and 8 months since I finished the diet and I still have my perfect body, I didn’t put on some weight after that. That is the best part because many diet plans are not good and will give your weight back. Try HCG diet and you won’t regret.


HCG Diet Helped Me Lose Weight

The best diet ever

I have been dealing with my weight for over 10 years. I have tried many different ways to get it off and I have always failed. There was once when I succeeded, but by the time I was done with the diet I started to get on more weight and faster too. So, there was only one thing to try, HCG Diet. You have probably heard about this diet and maybe you are one of those who are on it. I can say just one thing, don’t give up because it works. Now I have a perfect body and I just can’t explain how much I admire myself, especially when I put on a sexy dress when I need to go out.

This is extreme diet that is need of HCG injections (human chorionic gonadotropin). HCG actually is the hormone when women make it when they are pregnant. If you stick to the HCG diet plan you will definitely reach your goal and you will be losing 500 calories per day. But remember, it all depends on the person, some can even lose more than 500 calories, even 1500.

For the best is to have a word with your doctor before starting this diet and before you start taking the injections. This is because the doctor can customize the dosage of the injection according to your weight so that the diet can be successful.

HCG injection

Well, I am just here to answer the most asked question about this diet; do the HCG injections work for losing weight? Yes, huge YES, it changed my life completely. But how actually does work this injection.

Here is a good explanation so that you can be clear on how does the injection works. But, remember just taking the injections won’t make you lose weight, they will help you, but you must stick to the diet plan. The HCG injections are changing the way you are losing weight.
It is estimated that when HCG is in the blood it takes the appetite away. This means that HCG reduces the feel of hunger so it will allow eating less and still feeling comfortable about it. For pregnant women, this hormone in the early stages causes nausea.

HCG helps the body to make more hormones because it is a pro hormone. Usually hormones and hormone changes are the reasons for gaining weight so this HCG hormone helps dealing with them.

All of HCG methods of taking like pills, drops, sprays and injections are successful but with their own rate. The most successful is the injection because it is directly injected into the blood stream through your muscle. The most secure way to get the injections is to obtain a prescription from a doctor.

The injections will keep you from losing muscles while you are on HCG Diet.
Why is muscle loss is important? Well, because of a diet like the HCG the loss of weight is dramatic and if there is no HCG the muscle will be lost. Loosing muscles is very bad for you because you will lose in shape and it is unhealthy for your metabolism. When the metabolism slows down, you will start to gain weight even if you are on a diet. It is difficult to get the muscles you have lost, so be careful.

This will give you the idea that the HCG diet is not harmful, but the opposite it will definitely help you lose weight like never before. Don’t wait, buy HCG injections now and start your diet.